ATTA Training & Round Robin Competition 2016

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RR Comp Winner
RR Comp Runner Up
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Such a great turnout!
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Coaching Tips
Many thanks to Alison for all her valuable coaching at this Event!
Many thanks to the RR Comp Organiser
Many thanks to John M the RR Comp Organiser
RR Comp Winner
RR Comp Runner Up
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2016 ATTA Training & Round Robin Competition

The ATTA Training & Round Robin Competition for 2016 took place at the Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre (AGSC) on 05 to 07 Oct 16. This continued the annual Event for the second year running with high entries with a total of aproximately 35 players taking part. Players had a fantastic training package to start with by our special guest coach Alison, which was followed by the Round Robin Competition organised by WO2 John McFaul, our ATTA Coach. The standard was very high and there were two worthy 'trophy' winners. This Event is a great way to start the new season encouraging new players to the sport along with being great preparation for the upcoming Army Training & Championships in 2017 and the Inter-Services in 2017 as well. There were several previously unseen players plus a healthy representation from the Army Reserve and our top players. The eventual winners were:

- Round Robin Competition Winner: Samir Thapa


- Round Robin Competition Runner Up: Suman Limbu

* Many thanks to all the players that took part and to those that helped to run this Event


* More photos of the Event can be found on Facebook starting here or here or here or here or here

Keep playing and we look forward to seeing you all next year or at another table tennis Event soon.

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