ATTA Team Ulster Open Championships November 2019

The 'Army' Results
Congratulations to all our players involved
Army Team
WO2 John McFaul, SSgt Pete Owusu, Cpl Den Murphy & Spr David Wong
Appreciation Messages
Congratulations to everyone involved
Ulster TT Open Venue
Such a great Event
Cpl Den Murphy
Army Player Three
Spr David Wong
Army Player Two
Ulster TT Open Venue
Such a fantastic Event
Army Team
SSgt Pete Owusu, Cpl Den Murphy & Spr David Wong
SSgt Pete Owusu
Army Player One
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2019 Army Team Ulster Open Championships Report


Congratulations to our Army Players. Our standings, results and the final report are as follows:



- Restricted Singles Semi-finalists: Spr David Wong 😀🏓👏 

- ​Open Mens Doubles Quarterfinalists: SSgt Pete Owusu and Cpl Den Murphy 😀🏓💪 

- ​Masters Open Semi-finalists: SSgt Pete Owusu 😀🏓👍


Fantastic competition with very great competitors this year. As quoted by SSgt Pete Owusu we all really played our best as we have some International and European players amongst us. Overall the Army has raised their profile here again.


Many thanks to Table Tennis Ulster for welcoming us at their Event for the second year running, the players welcomed the strong competition and enjoyed it. We hope to see more players compete next year. One up from last year...


Lastly a huge thank you goes first to our Event POC & Army Coach, WO2 John McFaul for running it smoothly on the Army TT side of things.


Our second thanks and appreciation goes to the players Units


#3MedRegt #5Rifles & 170 Engineer Group for releasing their men for this Event.


#BritishArmySport #ArmySport #BeTheBest #ArmySportsControlBoard #ASCB #ThisIsBelonging

Keep playing and we look forward to entering more players next year.

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