ATTA Chairman,

Padre Nicola Frail

Welcome to British Army Table Tennis. Whether you are interested in playing, coaching, officiating or spectating this website will point you in the right direction.


Table Tennis is a fantastic sport where you can meet new people and have fun. We also offer top of the range coaching sessions for all players.

I encourage you to get involved and please follow British Army Table Tennis on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Very best wishes.

ATTA Sponsors

ATTA Secretary,

SSgt Rob Culf

We at ATTA welcome you and we hope to see you at a table tennis Event soon.

Email: ATTA Secretary

​Some of our dedidcated ATTA Committee Team:

Treasurer: To Be Appointed

G4 TT Kit: Sgt Hilary 'Hils' Greig

Team Coach: WO2 John McFaul

To see the full ATTA Committee Team click the link below:

Link: ATTA Committe Members


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