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ATTA Training & Championships 2016

2016 ATTA Training & Championships

The ATTA Training & Championships for 2016 took place at the Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre (AGSC) on 16 to 19 Feb 16 with around 40 players taking part. Players had a fantastic two day training package with by our special guest coach Alison along with the two day Tournament itself organised by WO2 John McFaul, our ATTA Coach. 

Congratulations to this years Winners & Runners Up 🏆 Results are as follows:

- Men's (Open) Singles: Bibek beat Michael

- Ladies' Singles: Nicola beat Hils

- Men's (Open) Doubles: Abinash & Michael beat Samir & Bibek

- Ladies' Doubles: Replaced with Plate (Open) Doubles

- Plate (Open) Doubles: Carl & Matthew beat John G & John B

- Mixed Doubles: Bibek & Nicola beat Hils & Radin

* Most Improved Player: Daisy

Many thanks to all the players that took part and to those that helped to run this Event including our special guest coach Alison.

* Photos taken by Cpl Hannah Bacon, ATTA Media Rep with many more photos on our Social Media pages


* More photos and videos covering Army Table Tennis Events can be found on our Instagram or Facebook or Twitter

Keep playing and we look forward to seeing you all next year or at another table tennis Event soon.

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