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ATTA Training & Round Robin Competition 2023

2023 ATTA Training & Round Robin Competition

The ATTA Training & Round Robin Competition for 2023 took place at the Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre (AGSC) on 2 to 4 Oct 23. This continued the annual Event for the seventh year with plenty of entries with a total of approximately 63 players taking part. Players had a fantastic training package to start with by our along with the Round Robin Competition itself organised by Levi Hood, our ATTA Secretary alongside Lt Matt Hutson, our ATTA Treasurer. The standard of play was high and there were plenty of worthy 'trophy' winners. This Event is a great way to start the new season encouraging new players to the sport along with being great preparation for the upcoming Army Training & Championships in February 2024 and the Inter-Services in 2024 as well. There were several previously unseen players plus a healthy representation from the Army Reserve and our top players. The eventual trophy winners were:


 - Round Robin Competition 'Rob Myers Memorial Cup' Open 'Singles' Winner: Dom


- Round Robin Competition 'Rob Myers Memorial Cup' Open 'Singles' Runner Up: Avi

- Open 'Plate' Winner: Mark

- Open 'Plate' Runner Up: Prem


- Open 'Novice' Winner: Bikash


- Open 'Novice' Runner Up: Raaj


- Ladies 'Singles' Winner: Hilary


- Ladies 'Singles' Runner Up: Bethany


- Appreciation & Merit Award One: Padre Nicola Frail (DMS (W)): ATTA Chair role who now steps down)


- Appreciation & Merit Award Two: ATTA Tournament Referee; Rosemarie Coetzer

(Presented for excellent running for 1st year and for many to come; Veteran & Former ATTA Player)


- Appreciation Award One: Dom Weston (24 Engr Cdo) for stepping up and coaching


- Appreciation Award Two: Bethany Brewer (9 Regt RLC) for stepping up and coaching


- Appreciation Award Three: Avi Shahi (13 Sig Regt) for most improved player


- Appreciation Award Four: Jamie Marriot (13 Sig Regt) for newest standout talent


- Appreciation Award Five: Capt Tom 100 Master Award 2023/24: Sgt Hilary Greig (AMS Band)


Such a brilliant turnout and congratulations to all that played - great effort by all so we hope you'll keep playing & we look forward to seeing you all next year at the Army TT Champs in February 19th to 22nd 😀🏓🏆👍 #NewPlayersWelcome #Presentations

Finally ATTA; the Chair and the Secretary would like to show our appreciation and thank the following:


- Army Sport for their continued support


- Dom / Bethany / Mike for stepping up with fantastic coaching


- Rosemarie for running the Competition


- Hils for sorting the kit and equipment plus for sorting all the trophies


- Matt for his efforts as Treasurer who now steps up taking over as Chair 


- Rob for assisting with tasks such as set up for each day who now steps in as Treasurer


- Hannah for all the Media; please like and share etc to spread the word about our Sport

#TeamBribar #GEWOTableTennis #TableTennisEnglan#TableTennisWales #TableTennisScotland #TableTennisIreland #BritishArmySport #ArmyTableTennis #TableTennis 😊🏓🙏

* Many thanks to all the players that took part and to those that helped to run this Event


* More photos and videos of the Event can be found on our Instagram or Facebook

Keep playing and we look forward to seeing you all next year or at another table tennis Event soon.

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