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Inter Services Championships 2022


2022 Inter Services Championships Report

Congratulations to all our players involved and to those that were successful 🏆


We cannot wait to be back next season to continue our Individual successes with our aim to get the double win in the Team Event 🏓

Back to this year - what a fantastic effort by our Ladies Team - showing their dominance throughout this Team Event - did not lose a match against the Royal Air Force with the Royal Navy not contenders due to team numbers short to compete - record breakers 🥇🏓💪 #LadiesTeamChampions2022 Ladies Team Event Winners 🎉🥇🍾 #Champions #TenNil #HistoryBreakers a clean sweep for the 2nd consecutive time at an Inter-Services!!!

As for the Mens side of things - well played our Mens 'A' Team - they stood their ground and made it to the final against a strong consistent RAF Mens 'A' Team losing it overall - was a fab effort with several of our top players absent - we cannot wait exciting times ahead 😀🥈🏓💪 #MensTeamRunnersUp2022

Congratulations to the Men 'B' Team for securing a Semi Final place against our very own Mens 'A' Team that's a fantastic effort all round.

There were some fantastic results in the Individual Event where Pte Bethany Brewer got to the final in all her Events.

Congratulations to the Winner Dom in the Mens Singles Event.

Congratulations to the Winner Bethany in the Ladies Singles Event.

Congratulations to the Runner Up Hils in the Ladies Singles Event.

Congratulations to the Runners Up Matt & Pete in the Mens Doubles.

​​Congratulations to His & Nicola for winning the Ladies Doubles.

​​Congratulations to Bethany & Lydia who are the Runners Up in the Ladies Doubles.

Congratulations to the Winners Bethany & Dom in the Mixed Doubles.

Congratulations to Hils & Kiran who are the Runners Up in the Mixed Doubles.

* Many thanks to the RAF Halton Photographer​ for the #ActionPhotos


* Many thanks to the RAFTTA​ for the #ActionPhotos


* More photos and videos covering Inter Services Table Tennis can be found on our Instagram or Facebook or Twitter

Congratulations to this years Winners & Runners Up 🏆

Results for both the Individual & Team Event are as follows

- Mens Singles: Weston (Army) beat Barella (RAF)

- Ladies Singles: Brewer (Army) beat Greig (Army)

- Mens Doubles: Barella & Law (RAF) beat Hutson & Owusu (Army)

- Ladies Doubles: Greig & Frail (Army) beat Brewer & Roberts (Army)

- Mixed Doubles: Weston & Brewer (Army) beat Tamang & Frail ((Army)

- Mens Singles Plate: Moore (RN) beat Ware (RN)

- Ladies Singles Plate: O'Brien (RN) beat Wodecki (RAF)

- Mens Team Event: RAF 'A' Team beat Army 'A' Team

- Ladies Team Event: Team Army beat Team RAF

* Special thanks: Steve tournament TT official

#InterServices2022 #BritishArmySport Army Sport Control Board Table Tennis England

Many thanks to all the players that took part and to those that helped to run this Event, we look forward to seeing you at the Inter-Services next year; which will be hosted by the Royal Navy @ HMS Temeraire (Portsmouth)

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